About the Forest Observatory

Welcome to the California Forest Observatory, a data-driven forest monitoring system. We map the drivers of wildfire hazard across the state—including forest structure, weather, topography & infrastructure—from space.

Our regularly-updated, tree-level data is designed to be used by researchers, landowners & policymakers. The data are freely available for non-commercial use by scientists, government agencies, and non-profits. If you’re interested in commercial use, get in touch.

By providing these data for free we hope to support the development of data-driven land management strategies that increase wildfire resilience—for forests and communities—enabling people and nature to thrive. Read more about accessing the data in the API documentation.

Developing these strategies will require public and private partnerships across organizations, using shared information. We built the California Forest Observatory to support these collaborations.

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Reference Material

To learn more about the Forest Observatory, watch our Introductory Webinar with Q&A

Or view our Frequently Asked Questions in the Community Forum.


When citing the Forest Observatory in any non-scientific publication, including social media and websites, please add the following caption: “Courtesy of the California Forest Observatory (forestobservatory.com), © Salo Sciences, Inc. 2020”

When citing the Forest Observatory in any scientific publication, including journals and studies, please use the following: “California Forest Observatory (2020). A Statewide Tree-Level Forest Monitoring System. Salo Sciences, Inc. San Francisco, CA. https://forestobservatory.com”

Our Partners

Salo Sciences

The lead developer of the Forest Observatory, Salo Sciences is a conservation technology company with a mission to slow climate change and biodiversity loss by guiding investments in natural climate solutions: conservation, restoration & improved land stewardship. They use satellite data, artificial intelligence & ecological modeling to identify conservation opportunities, monitor ecosystem health & predict environmental change. 


Planet is a mission-driven aerospace and data analytics company operating the largest constellation of Earth observing satellites in human history, imaging the full Earth every day at under 4m resolution. The company is committed to leveraging this unprecedented Earth observation capability to help improve social and environmental challenges, including that of climate and wildfire resilience in its home State of California.

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Gordon and Betty Moore established the foundation to create positive outcomes for future generations. In pursuit of that vision, they foster path-breaking scientific discovery, environmental conservation, patient care improvements and preservation of the special character of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Vibrant Planet

Vibrant Planet leverages the power of narrative, culture change, and real-world & digital experiences to mobilize positive social change. They collaborate with world-class graphic designers, writers, strategists, experience designers, artists, and digital product leaders ready to spark change.

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